It is common knowledge that Nigerians love to party. In the southwestern part of the country, it is called the ‘owambe’ culture.

There are different types of parties but usually, the more money is spent on such events, the more novel they usually are.

And, if there is anything the upper class has perfected, it is the art of having fun in unique and classy ways.

One of the things that stand out are such events are the elaborate venue decorations, which attract the attention of guests right from the entrance.

When it comes to these decorations, colours are an important consideration. The decorators often combine different eye-catching colours to transform the venue and give it an aesthetic appeal.

The arrangement of chairs and tables could also be unconventional. Instead of just putting chairs around tables, the sitting arrangement of some party venues could take the shape of a stadium, cinema or even like a concert. Sometimes, decorators take it a notch higher by colour coding the chairs. In that case, they usually group the chairs and tables in different colours, which create a bright and vibrant ambiance.

Beyond the chairs and tables, plates and cutleries are also arranged in a specific pattern for uniformity.

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The cake is another highlights of many topnotch events. These days, there are only few events that are held without cakes. And with each passing day, bakers seem to be getting even more creative and ingenious with the designs and structures of their cakes. It is not unusual to see cakes costing millions of naira. Such cakes are usually elaborate and delicately crafted, and are as pleasing to the eyes, as they are delicious to eat. Some even go a step further by making ‘money cakes’ with different currencies.

These days, it is also not unusual to see food being prepared right at the venue as events are taking place. At some events, there is ‘amala-on-the-go’, whereby a cook would prepare the staple at the event, and serve guests as it is hot and fresh.

At some events, pounded yam is also prepared, so that guests can literally have the food right from the mortar.

This is even as the menu at parties has become more sophisticated. At many high society events, there are a variety of Nigerian dishes, as well as intercontinental ones to cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

Of course, there is no high society party without choice drinks. Some party hosts go all out to import expensive drinks from different parts of the world to entertain their guests.

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Beyond the drinks, the cups used could also be unconventional. In recent times, there have been cups designed in unusual shapes, such as skulls, lanterns and gourds.

This is even as fresh palm wine is served at some events. In most cases, the serving stations for the palm wine is usually designed in a traditional way, sometimes mimicking a village setting.

Other unique aspects of these events, include customised gifts and souvenirs. At some of these events, iPhones and other gadgets. At a particular party, a guest even won a car.

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