So lately the catchy phrase “Urgent 2k” has become a thing and a unique to identify certain types of girls who have been defined as high-maintenance girls, Lekki Girls or hook-up girls or to say it in the more local derogatory parlance “Olosho”.

In the face of the rise of Yahoo boys or call it G-Boys the equivalent of this amongst the feminine gender are the urgent 2k girls. They are the ladies who run hooks-up, do striptease on their private snaps, or run a posh form of prostitution, virtual prostitution. The ladies live way above their means which seems unfathomable for a young lady who doesn’t have a proper day job to achieve.

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They’re ever outgoing, know all of the happening clubs, do drugs, do weed and are drop-dead beautiful, stunningly light, or exceptionally fresh carrying not a flinch of the usual look of an average hardworking stressed Lagosian.

Want an urgent 2k?

If you just met this fresh dope light-skinned babe and you’re not just sure if she’s really the catch you want just, or you’re feeling she’s too good to be true and you’re looking out for traits to help you identify she is a proper good girl or an urgent 2k babe, well below are 5 key pointers to help you confirm;

  1. She Runs Private Snapchat Channel:
    Bro, if she runs a private snap channel where people subscribe to join, brother run o, Na dem! What do you think she does on her private Snapchat that has over 20-100 paid subscribers or you’re deceiving yourself that you can change her dude that’s an altar for a fool to die at. Urgent 2k babe
  2. Lives At A Lekki Apartment And Owns A Car:
    So you met this babe, she has no proper ay job, she falls between 25-35 in age and she doesn’t seem to have a proper job or has never really worked at a particular firm for more than 2-years but yet she can afford to stay a Lekki apartment, and owns a car or is always jumping Uber/Bolt and she’s not from a wealthy home, bros Na dem!
    Some of them have become so good at masking who they really are they would even tell you they have investments in crypto and all sorts do not be deceived.
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  3. She Does Weed/ShiSha, runs an online store regularly, posting photos of herself chilling on the balcony of different luxurious hotels. She seems to have a stunning collection of designer clothes, also quite a collection of wigs, designer purses and bags follows Bobrisky, Toke Makinwa on Instagram, regularly in the know of all social media trends well brother Na Dem! it’s just part of the urgent 2k pop culture.
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If you meet a babe with all of these traits, well bro know this and have peace because you have yourself the queen of all Urgent 2k babes and just in case you intend to deal in the drug world she might just be your link into that world or into the world of high-class G-Boys.

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