I’m Not Thinking Of Marriage Now

Actor, Timini Egbuson, is undoubtedly one of the most popular faces in the movie industry at the moment.

It also goes without saying that he has lots of female admirers. However, for those ladies who fantasise about getting married to the actor, famed for his bad roles, they would have to wait for a longer time.

In a new interview, Egbuson noted that he is not ready to settle for marriage anytime soon.

He said, “Marriage is not what I am considering right now. Relationships can be very distracting, considering the level I am trying to get to in my career internationally. I feel like I need to focus.”

The actor also stated that he was always himself, whether on or off camera.

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He added, “Fans know that I am hundred per cent myself. The only way I would have been under pressure was if I was trying to be who I am not. On and off the camera, even on social media, I am the same. The Timini you see today is the one you will see tomorrow.”

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