I Can’t Date Anyone Below My Tax Bracket Anymore

Anita Adetoye aka Anita Brows, a Nigerian make-up artiste and ex-wife of actor Emmanuel Ikubese, has talked about the kind of men she can date.

She says she can no longer date anyone below her tax bracket.

Speaking in a recent interview, Anita opined that most Nigerian men go after women who appear to be doing well for themselves.

She stated that a lot of Nigerian men know how to ”pad things up” so well that a woman can get into a relationship with them and then fall in love.

Anita Brows

She averred that love alone cannot be used to enter a relationship.

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”You can’t really use love to enter a relationship. I guess I am speaking from experience” she said

While addressing a question on whether she can date a guy below her tax bracket, she responded; ”Anything below, I can’t really do that anymore. 

“I feel like I have dated someone because they were levelling up in their life but it was just facade. Yea, I cannot’.’

Emmanuel Ikubese and Anita AdetoyePhoto Credit: Getty

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