When Her Mentality Change, She Will Use Her Money To Get A Man, Senseless Talk

Nollywood actress Uche Ebere has come out to drag her colleague Lilian Afegbai following her comment on marriage.

Remember Lilian Afegbai had taken a swipe at the opposite gender who are ready for marriage but don’t own houses. In an interview with media personality, Toke Makinwa on her podcast, Toke Moments, she faulted such men.
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For her, there is something wrong with any man who doesn’t have a house in his name before settling down. She said, “Something is wrong with a man that doesn’t have a house in his name”. Speaking of her type of man, she revealed that she isn’t looking for a billionaire, but someone who is comfortable. Her potential suitor must have a house and car and must be able to meet her basic needs. “I am not looking for a billionaire. I am looking for a comfortable guy, is able to do basic things. Comfortable for me means having a house, and car”.
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Reacting to it, Uche Ebere slammed Lilian for her mentality. Describing her statement as pointless, she blamed it on her age mentality. Uche Ebere vowed that when Lilian realizes the detriment of her statement, she could end up using money to marry a man. “Age is disturbing her, that’s how they use to talk, till then we go know how far, her mentality will change, by then she has deceived a lot of gullible girls, then she will use her money to get a man, even if the man has nothing doing, senseless talk, ana akogheri”.lilian afegbai

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