N2m Daily: Don’t You Have Enough Humour To Recognise A Joke

Popular skit maker and brand influencer, Ashmushy has cried out over the increasing messages she has been receiving from people asking her to help with their bills after she claimed that she spends 2 million naira daily.

She took to her Instagram page to lament how messages from online beggars asking for one thing or the other are blocking important business messages.

She threatened to block anyone who comes to her DM begging since her initial claim of spending 2 million a day was just hyperbole. In her words;

ASH MUSY“Please it’s enough honestly, My dm is just full of people sending me their bills since I spend 2m daily .. Whay manner of illiteracy is this ??

You don’t know what hyperbole is???

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Or you don’t have enough humor to recognize a joke or understand the statement ?

Una leave message wey I Dey try pass go dey twist my words to something else, I wanted to totally ignore sef but the dms are crazy, blocking important business messages , stop that nonsense, I’m a business woman and don’t have time for your rubbish pls

Any single more dm I see concerning that nonsense , I’ll block you immediately and delete your life out of my dm.. you too rest”

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