Three Ways To Redefine Your Customer Experience Strategy

Lilit Davtyan is the CEO of Phonexa, an all-in-one marketing solution for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting and more.

For businesses across all industries, scaling revenue growth is the ultimate goal, and no business initiative directly influences this more than the customer experience strategy. I’ve found an effective CX strategy can help drive traffic, scale the business and increase customer loyalty and retention.

As CEO of a marketing software and automation company, my responsibilities include leading our company into new growth areas. From my experience, company growth is driven by a CX strategy. A solid strategy can not only help you scale your business but also empower customers and incentivize them to stay loyal to your brand.

While businesses can employ a CX strategy that works today, it’s always a good practice to redefine the approach in the future. Even thriving companies have to reassess their CX strategy to keep pace with the ever-evolving demands of the modern consumer.

Here are three ways to redefine your CX strategy to keep your business agile, especially during a period of economic uncertainty.

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Make sure the customer is a good fit for your product.

A truly effective CX strategy begins before the initial interaction with a prospective customer. For instance, I have to ensure my company’s technology is a good fit for a potential client.

To do this, the first step is to identify the customer’s main pain points by having transparent communication upfront. Then, you can determine if the customer is a good fit for your product and vice versa. This keeps all parties on the same page at all times, and you can work together to create a beneficial experience for the customer. From there, you can assess your current CX approach and identify actionable steps to elevate its effectiveness.

Assemble the right team to solve client-specific needs.

In order to efficiently solve a client’s pain points, you have to put together the right team. To assemble a proper team based on a customer’s specific needs, you must confirm that every team member understands that customer’s journey and business really well.

It helps if the team is comprised of experts in the field that the customer operates in. If that requires additional internal training, then that must take place to optimize the CX for that particular customer.

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Having good communication with a customer will also significantly enhance the CX going forward. Accepting and evaluating customer feedback will help you better understand your target audience, which comes in handy when creating buyer personas. Analyze your customer’s business objectives and deliver an experience that provides the solutions they’re looking for.

Consider leveraging new technologies to advance your CX strategy.

Now more than ever, technologies are being leveraged to streamline business processes, but what technologies can a business consider employing to advance its CX strategy? One place you might start is employing some type of monitoring and tracking software to help organize team members’ communications with customers. This can come in the form of a customer relationship management platform or another tool that helps your team get organized.

Regardless of which tech tools you employ, keep in mind that the tool needs to be easy for all team members to implement, and it has to be monitored properly to ensure everyone shares their feedback. If one person out of three, for instance, is not participating or entering their interactions with the customer in the tracking portal, it’s going to break the entire process and ultimately hinder the customer experience.

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Final Thoughts

If you are trying to bring in a new customer and you identify at least one key business opportunity, that doesn’t mean that any other potential opportunities should get ignored. The idea is to understand the customer as a whole, identify their immediate needs and then work with them to resolve those needs, if possible.

For example, on the technology side of my business, if we know that the customer has indicated a preference for using a certain feature, we have to put a plan together and figure out if that’s something we can build for the customer or if we can come up with a better solution. This helps us focus on the hygiene of the customer relationship rather than just selling a platform. Having that kind of balance is key to a successful CX strategy.

A well-thought-out CX strategy can drive a company toward long-term success. Therefore, having a calculated plan is crucial.

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