Five Steps To Create A Fantastic Experience For Customers

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Creating an outstanding customer experience is essential for businesses to gain a competitive edge. However, the cost of implementing a customer-focused program can be a challenge. Many businesses, especially small and medium-sized ones, don’t have adequate capital to invest in improvements in customer experience programs.

Additionally, businesses may have the incorrect perception that because customer experience requires extensive resources, it does not provide a worthwhile ROI. However, implementing smaller, more manageable and cost-effective improvements instead of enforcing larger, more expensive ones can help businesses improve customer experience and gain a healthy ROI from it.

PwC recently found that 82% of top-performing companies are focused on the customer experience; customers, meanwhile, are willing to pay more for a better experience, while some will walk away from a brand after just one bad experience. Here are five steps your business can take to enhance customer experience.

1. Start with the customer journey.

The first thing you must consider before taking steps to enhance the customer experience is the customer journey. Determine whether your company’s existing customer journey is good, average or bad. To develop an efficient customer journey, it’s vital to establish customers’ pain points and understand the changes that will impact their experience.

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If you already have an effective sales funnel, you don’t need to invest too much capital in improving it to drive sales. In this situation, you’ll need to focus on the timely resolution of customer issues to enhance your customer experience.

2. Recognize what your customer service team needs.

A good customer experience can help a business increase customer engagement, obtain higher revenues and enhance sales conversion. Developing this type of experience requires substantial resources and effort. However, if you plan it step by step and execute your plan efficiently, the results can reduce your per-customer expenses.

Help your customer care representatives become more active and agile by scheduling short breaks for your team and helping manage large influxes of customer requests. This improves your employee loyalty and enables your team to offer a better customer experience.

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3. Personalize your services.

Creating an automated customer care portal is often time-saving and efficient. Often, larger organizations choose not to offer a personalized customer experience, preferring to focus on automation and streamlining their workflow instead.

However, a purely automated customer experience isn’t always effective. Most U.S. customers prefer human interactions. Organizations often don’t realize that when a customer is dissatisfied, they would generally prefer to talk to a human customer support representative instead of creating a ticket through an automated system and waiting for hours before getting a proper response or resolution.

My team at GMR Transcription focuses on providing live support to our customers; we’ve found that this helps us differentiate ourselves from our competitors, who use more bots and automated help.

4. Empower your workers.

Empowering your employees can help produce the desired results for your business. With adequate support, incentives and motivation, your team can take your business to the next level and help deliver a substantially better customer experience.

Businesses need to take employees’ suggestions into account while making any decisions. Since there’s always room for improvement, taking your employees’ feedback into consideration while making changes is a way to get innovative, budget-friendly ideas. It can also help increase your employee engagement.

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Your employees, including your sales and customer care team, represent your business. Therefore it’s vital to empower them, train them effectively and include them in your decision-making process.

5. Work on one step at a time.

Work consistently, gradually implementing small changes to improve your customer experience. For example, try implementing a new change and then measuring its effect before making other changes. Changing too many things simultaneously might create confusion among your team members.


You will need to identify the problem, brainstorm the change needed, execute your plan with the help of your employees and repeat the process till you see your desired results. These steps might seem simple or even inconsequential, but they can help your business enhance customer retention and profits substantially.

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