“Make Sure You Find A P*nis Within Your Residential Area”

Usiwo Orezinena Jane, the Nigerian dancer, who is also known as Jane Mena has dished out relationship advice.

She gave the advice to persons that maybe in ‘dire’ need of it.

Jane advised females particularly to rather seek out partners within their residential areas.

She explained this makes sense due to the spate of insecurity across the country.

According to her, it’s too much risk to embark on a road trip just to visit a man that one isn’t married to.

As a result, the twerk queen urged females to embrace and cultivate relationship with men around their vicinity so that they don’t have to embark on long and dangerous journey simply to ‘fornicate’.

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“My fellow sisters, a piece of advice. Please the country is too dangerous to be doing road trip for a man that isn’t your husband.

“Make sure you find a P*nis within your residential area and stay safe. Love and light,” she wrote.

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