I’m Not Emotionally Strong To Be A Baby Mama

Beverly Osu, the popular Nigerian actress and model, has spoken about why has not had kids.

She said she is not emotionally strong to be a baby mama.null

According to the actress, she rather wants a family union where she would love her partner and then bring forth children.

Speaking in an interview, the model feared having a child out of wedlock, stating that the demands such comes with are unbearable.

She said, “Sincerely, there is a time I used to see my wedding dress, but now I don’t see anything. (laughs) I just want to live. I pray to God I don’t bring children out of wedlock because I want a family union. I always say this to my friends and family. I am not emotionally strong to be a baby mama, I cannot handle it all by myself. I know I have a support system. I have friends, and I have family that will be there, but I can’t do that. I am not emotionally strong for that.”

“I will try as much as possible to do it the right way to have a home, and I love love, so I would want to be in love and obsessed with my partner, and bring a child into this world, you know, it is just this generation that is making love seems so difficult and hard, and everyone is just cheating up and down like cheating is so normalized, I am a bad girl, but I cannot relate with you being in a relationship and cheating,” she added.

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Beverley revealed that she is open for a relationship, but it would have to take a guy who can “sweep her off her feet” to get her back in a relationship “a year and probably eight months” after her last.

She advised celebrities not to take relationships so seriously, noting that if a person does not work for them, they move on and keep trying till they find who works for them.

“So I am excited about this phase of my life, this singlehood, and that does not make me not open to love, I am very open to love. What the guy needs to do is to sweep me off my feet. I know it means a lot. I am very open to a relationship.

“Nigerian celebrities we hold this relationship thing so tight, but then at the end of the day, that’s how you meet human beings, e no work for you, commot, go,” she said.

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