Man Caught Taking Photos of Hooters Waitress in Restaurant

It’s definitely cringeworthy when someone tries to take a covert photo in public but their flash goes off — thus alerting everyone they were snapping a pic, and exposing themselves in the process.

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The entrance to Hooters in Las Vegas.

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And in certain situations, it becomes an inappropriate offense — especially at someone’s place of work.

Such was the case for one Hooters worker who noticed a customer trying to take photos of employees in their infamous uniforms without asking.

Instead of simply calling out the customer to his face, Hooters waitress Lydia Warren took to TikTok to publicly shame the man for his behavior where she’s racked up over 1.3 million views and hundreds of comments of support.

“This guy wants to come into Hooters and just take pictures of girls without asking,” she tells viewers before flipping the camera around and zooming it in towards a man further away from her who is looking directly at the camera.

Viewers commended Warren for calling out the man and not standing for workplace harassment.

“We aren’t being uncomfortable in silence anymore y’all,” one excited viewer wrote. “I love it!”

“He could’ve literally just asked for a picture, if I was at his table the second-hand embarrassment would make me leave lol,” another said.

Other commenters took to share their own similar experiences working with the chain and other rival restaurants with similar uniform rules.

“Go girl!…I was a Hooter girl 23 years ago…thank god technology isn’t like it is today,” one former employee said.

“When I was a twin peaks manager I’d walk right up to the table and tell them to delete them and embarrass them in front of their friends,” one viewer said of working at Hooters rival, Twin Peaks.

In September, a Hooters employee went viral on TikTok for exposing why her former co-workers had been fired, with allegations of seeing workers be let go for dying their hair and wearing the wrong jewelry.

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