Weare, NH Home Listing Posts Michael Myers Halloween-Themed Pics

A home for sale in Weare, New Hampshire, is getting into the Halloween spirit with its spooky listing photography.

Prospective buyers of the $375,000 home on Guys Lane might do a double take when they see a person dressed as the infamous Halloween movie franchise character Michael Myers lurking in the background of the listing photos.

They can spy a man in Myers’ signature jumpsuit and mask hiding in each image of the two-bedroom, two-bathroom home in the listing on Realtor.com. The pictures include a photo of him looking into the home through the dining room window and another with him relaxing in one of the bedrooms.

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“It was a blast shooting those photos,” the home’s realtor Tommy Bolduc told Today. “Some of them are sneaky, you have to search for him … Other ones, (it’s) blatantly obvious where he is.”

Bolduc says he and the sellers are fans of the Halloween horror films and thought including Myers in the home’s imagery was a good way to get into the Halloween spirit.

“This is the first time I have ever done anything like this and partly because my sellers have a great sense of humor,” Bolduc told the outlet. “It can be a risk. You don’t want to do something humorous as a real estate professional and have your sellers be skeptical with you and not trust the process. But I have some great sellers in this instance for this property, and they have a great sense of humor as well. So they were totally on board.”

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Despite the spooky photos, Bolduc assured buyers that the home is not haunted, telling local news station WMUR-TV “it was something fun that we decided to do.” He added, “I believe that we all need to take it easy and have a laugh every once in a while, and that was the intent.”

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