Brand Influencing The Future Of Marketing In Nigeria

A brand influencer is an individual who leverages his/her social media prowess to authentically engage and connect audiences and brands; meaning a social media influencer partners with a brand to create sponsored content. Brand influencing become a trend in recent times, especially with the advent of social media and its various platforms.


A lot of people have jumped on this wagon as it has been discovered to be a very lucrative form of business. The good part about being a brand influencer is that you don’t necessarily have to be a celebrity, as long as you know how to create good content, have a huge following on social media, and have excellent communications skills you are good to go. Brand influencing has grown to the point that the same way we have musicians and actors, we also have people who are solely brand influencers, and they are making it big time. From Instagram to Tik-Tok, to YouTube people have begun to become vested in the algorithms and metrics of these social media apps, enabling them to be better.
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One can say the art of influencing started a long time ago, when people became celebrities, but the money-making part of it garnered momentum with the advent of social media. Looking at where it is coming from, and where it is going, t
he future of brand influencing is digital, and it’s automated. As a brand influencer, if you can start thinking like performance marketers when it comes to KPIs, measurement, and budgets, you’ll be poised to win. Very soon, people will no longer need adverts to promote their brands, because just making use of a famous face and your brands in one picture says a lot. While some brands go for controversial celebrities and people who know how to get the media space buzzing, some brands go for celebrities whose image alone speaks volumes. Brand influencing is the future of marketing in Nigeria because it is long-lasting and overly effective.
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With the way things are going, brands will begin to use the faces of celebrities and popular brand influencers on their products as this has a way of increasing market sales and putting it in the eye of the public via that individual. Influencing is the new voice in the marketing world, and brands are realising this every day. Gone are the days when a group of people come together to do an advert for a product; now all you need is an influencer and you are good to go. In the near future, influencers will be earning more than actors and musicians because of the level of financial capabilities they will be having.

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