Is The Written Word Becoming Extinct? Why Podcasting Is The Future For Your Business

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Let’s be honest: Finishing reading an article, be it digital or hard copy, is nearly impossible in our ever-busy lives. Unless the article is engrossing and engaging, many people get through two paragraphs and then flick to the next page.

Now, imagine this article is being read aloud to you by the likes of Sir David Attenborough, Morgan Freeman or Dame Helen Mirren. Whether you’re commuting in the car or on the train, working out in the gym or even doing a spot of housework, I would bet the likelihood of you finishing the article just increased by at least 75%—and it also pushed you to want to listen to the next one.

Podcasts are starting to dominate the market: They are convenient and captivating and allow listeners to multitask. Podcasts have come a long way since 2004. The origin of the podcast was as a program developed in 2004 called “iPodder,” and the word “podcast” was coined as a combination of “iPod” and “broadcast.” It took leading tech giant Apple less than a year to get on board by supporting podcasts on iTunes in June 2005.

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Fast forward to today and there is a ton of different software that enables us to listen to their favorite podcasts. With over 800,000 active podcasts and over 54 million episodes out there, it’s clear that audio learning and knowledge absorbing is the way of the future.

Podcasting For Your Business

Podcasts can be used for many different areas of business. I myself just launched The Trade Mastermind “Trade Secrets,” targeted toward the construction industry, with the goal to teach, train, foster engagement, inspire, motivate and build something incredible. When released, it reached all different areas of the world. In my experience, here are four ways that podcasts can benefit your own business.

1. Traffic Generation

Not only can podcasts be shared internally, but they can also be used to target your audience of consumers. Think about what your ideal target market wants to hear from you for 30 minutes. It’s as if you’re talking to them one-to-one and they’re absorbing all you have to say. That is an incredibly powerful tool to have in your arsenal. The added bonus is that, if they like your content, they’ll talk about you, your brand and your business to others, increasing your traffic.

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2. Convenience

As I mentioned above, your audience and clients can listen to podcasts on the go, giving them the option to multitask while still consuming your episodes with little or no effort. Once your listener subscribes to your podcast, your episodes will automatically be added to their library, meaning they don’t have to search for each new episode using keywords. You and your words will already be waiting for them.

3. Brand Building

The Trade Mastermind is the first in its industry to create this style of construction podcast with industry experts and insider secrets. However, it doesn’t matter if yours is a one-of-a-kind podcast or if you’re following a proven strategy for your business podcast. Giving your market and audience different ways to consume your content and showing that you are an expert in your field gives your brand power.

4. Additional Revenue Streams

If you become successful in publishing and engaging different audience types, the industry can be quite lucrative. In the U.S. alone, podcast ad revenue is expected to reach $2 billion this year. The more consistent you are in your efforts, the more you will grow. Consistency and omnipresence are key.

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Getting Started

If you’re just getting started launching your very own podcast for your business and you’re deciding on which route to take, I would highly suggest looking at the market to see if you can find a unique niche within the market—something that you feel will captivate your audience. Just because you are passionate about a certain area of your business doesn’t mean everyone will be.

To encourage viewership and keep your audience aware of upcoming episodes, I would suggest harnessing the power of social media at your fingertips. Invite your clients to a Facebook group and encourage them to engage on a daily basis. Alternatively, you could also create a WhatsApp or Telegram group, but this also needs to be managed consistently.

Keep your podcast fresh with updated content weekly. Even if you don’t have a full episode ready to go out, you can chop up some already recorded content to make it fresh. Remember, consistency is key. Your listeners will be awaiting your episode so it needs to run like clockwork.

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