Careers Counsel | How to Combat Burnout at Work

How to Combat Burnout at Work (Huffington Post)

It pays to make a change rather than attempting simply to work through it. Finding a new [job] definitely isn’t the only way to get over burnout, but you have to know when it’s time to take a break or re-evaluate.

Questions to Ask When Job Hunting (Fast Company)

[Start by asking] questions such as the amount of paid time off, flexible working arrangements and how the company helps employees. It’s important to retain power. The interview is a chance to evaluate the company the same way [you’re] being evaluated.

Networking in a Hybrid Environment (Financial Times)

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The very act of going to the office, meeting one-to-one or in small groups can be considered networking. […] [However,] there might be aspects of pandemic life that are worth keeping, such as Zoom sessions with peers across the globe.

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