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How to Make Your Meetings More Engaging (Entrepreneur)

With no set agenda or expected outcome, it’s easy for attendees to “check out” or focus on tasks they feel are more pressing. […] An agenda allows you to lay out how the meeting should unfold and what you plan to accomplish (and even ask yourself whether the meeting is necessary in the first place).

What to Do at the End of an Interview (Huffington Post)

Come prepared with targeted questions that show you have done your research, but don’t invite criticism. […] The best questions to ask are those that come up after you do some reflection on what you want out of your next job and what you have heard from interviewers about the role.

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4 Ways to Improve Your Leadership (Inc.)

End each day by jotting down some situations that you wished you handled differently or some questions you have for yourself. A few minutes of self-reflection is key to making behavioural changes. And talk about your blind spots openly with others. They will then feel safe to examine their own.

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