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Corduroy fabric has always been regarded as a timeless fabric, having initially gained popularity in the 1970s, but it has recently made a reappearance in high-street design.

Corduroy, with its velvet-like look and comfortable feel, is frequently used as a transitional fabric between summer and autumn, and is commonly produced from cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester.

This article has been put together to emphasize everything you need to know about corduroy. Also check out the Guide To Cashmere Fabric.

What is Corduroy Fabric?

Corduroy is a ridged, resilient fabric that textile manufacturers may construct from a number of materials.

It is well known for its distinctive ridged pattern, which may be woven in a range of widths.

corduroy fabric

It is normally made of cotton, although it can also be constructed of polyester and cotton blends or even 100% polyester.

Wool corduroy is occasionally created by textile manufacturers, however the ridges on wool corduroy are not as obvious as the ridges on corduroy made from other materials.

Fabric makers dye corduroy in a wide range of colors, and one type of it dying produces an uneven fading effect that is very appealing.

Corduroy In the 20th Century

During World War I, corduroy regained popularity, and it briefly became the standard for military uniforms as well as school uniforms.

This fabric was fashionable in the first half of the twentieth century until falling out of favor in the 1950s.

Corduroy saw a widespread renaissance in Western culture throughout the 1970s, with bands like the Grateful Dead re-popularizing the fabric across the United States.

Corduroy quickly became the distinguishing fabric of the era, sometimes perceived as a throwback to early twentieth-century working-class culture and other times just as a “groovy” with unusual colors and textures.

Corduroy Fabric Popularity Today

Corduroy has been in and out of fashion several times since then. While corduroy no longer has a cult following, it is still seen as a versatile, durable fabric that is great for pants, jackets, and children’s clothing by the general population.

Throughout the twentieth century, synthetic fibers were often used to make corduroy, but a recent resurgence of interest in natural textiles has increased the popularity of all-cotton or all-wool corduroy.

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When should I Wear Corduroy?

Corduroy can be used in dresses, shirts, pants, coats, and upholstery, depending on the fabric’s weight. For the cooler months, it’s a very popular fabric.

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Corduroy is durable enough for dress pants and coats, but it’s also soft and flex enough for winter dresses and lighter-weight corduroy shirts for men and women.

Few More About Corduroy.

You can also utilize printed corduroy materials to give your dressmaking project a unique touch.
Corduroy is a textile that is best used on more fitting clothes and designs because it is not a flowing, drapey fabric.

If you want a finer cord, keep in mind that the higher the wale, the finer the cord will be, with pincord being the finest and elephant cord being the thickest.

Wide wale textiles are more typically seen in trousers and upholstery, whereas medium, narrow, and fine wale fabrics are more commonly found in items worn above the waist.

Corduroy is extraordinarily warm and the ideal textile for keeping the cold out throughout the winter months because of its ability to trap air between its strands.

It’s no surprise that it was the go-to choice for workwear among the working classes in the 19th and 20th centuries because it’s also so hardwearing and resilient.

Summary On The Corduroy

Good corduroy product that are well made are wonderful and superb. You cannot replace the softness, warmth, and it cuddliness.

When you experience the joy of owning and wearing well made good quality corduroy, you will have difficulty living with less desirable fabrics.

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