Careers Counsel | How to Heighten Your Productivity Levels at Work

How to Heighten Your Productivity Levels at Work (Huffington Post)

[Differentiate] which of your work tasks can be easily accomplished during non-peak morning hours [and] which you complete with little effort, [that] don’t leave you feeling overly drained. Make a list of those activities, then prioritise finishing them earlier in your workday.

5 Ways to Be a More Commanding Speaker (Entrepreneur)

Including punchy phrases and sticking to the point helps an audience focus on the main ideas. […] When it comes to keywords, emphasise the things that should be remembered.

How to Approach Quitting Your Job (Fast Company)

The most professional way someone can leave a job is to give enough notice to ensure a smooth transition. […] While it’s good to start with a verbal resignation, confirm the details in writing with a resignation letter.

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