5 Things To Consider Before You Start Dating Your Ex’s Friend Or Sister

Love they say is usually found in some of the most unusual places with some of the least expected people, who is to say love can’t happen with your ex’s friend or even her sister. But just before you get too deep and find it in those unusual places there are certain things you should consider.

Have you ever been in that position to pick the interest or fall for your ex’s friend or her cousin or even her sister?… In truth, this actually happens and to a large extent a lot of times such a relationship always seems to flourish way better than what was shared with the ex, but why is it quite difficult to accept it or make it work when it does happen.
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Is there a golden rule that says dating an ex’s friend or relative is a boundary that shouldn’t be crossed or flouted at all costs? Well, maybe not. Since we’ve clarified that there really is a rule against it, however, there are some things to consider before getting into a relationship with you Ex’s friend or sister;

It is valid to consider how you met the friend, was it through your ex have you always had a soft spot for her even while you and your Ex were dating. Also, consider why you broke up with your ex in the first place, you wouldn’t want to get into another relationship only to repeat the same bullshit which you did with your ex all over again. If she was a materialistic money waster, think twice before you date or marry the person.

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At the end of the day, you must look out for number one – yourself. If you feel they make you happy, then why deny yourself a lifetime of happiness?

A classic example will be Prince Charles and his then Mistress, now wife, Camilla. Even though their case was different because they were cheating, the truth is they made each other happy.

If your EX is okay with you guys dating, I say dive in but be aware that they might be totally against it and probably never want to speak with you again. Are you okay with that? If you are, well then do it, dude!

If your friend is dating or married to someone else, it is a tad inconsiderate for your friend to forbid you from being with someone you absolutely think will make you happy, especially when the breakup was mutual.

Weigh your options. If you go on with it, I wish you good luck but be prepared to be the bad guy in most people’s stories.

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