I’ve Got Stuff I Want To Do, That Don’t Involve Me Getting A Brain Damage

WBC boxing heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury has reiterated his plans to retire from professional boxing after his upcoming WBC title fight against Dillian Whyte in April.

Fury stated that he has made all the money he will ever need and doesn’t aim to have a luxurious lifestyle similar to past boxing legends like Muhammad Ali or Evander Holyfield.
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“The only thing I can gain is money,” Fury told BT Sport. “So after this fight, I’ll have earned over 100 million pounds. If I can spend that, I don’t deserve any more, do I?

“I know Mike Tyson spent half a billion and Evander Holyfield 400 million and all the rest, but I don’t live their big flashy lifestyles.

Tyson Fury“I live in Morecambe, in Lancashire. It’s cheap there. I don’t have any big habits like I’m gambling tons of money away. I don’t do anything. I can never spend the money I’ve got.
“I’ve got stuff I want to do, a lot of opportunities that don’t involve me getting brain damage. I’ve got six kids and a wife. When is enough enough?
“Why do I have to be one of those people who went on too long and got injured? Just had one too many fights and blew it all for what? A few more quid?
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“I want to retire on top, unbeaten heavyweight champion of the world. I want to do a Netflix documentary, a Hollywood movie, and be a good husband, father and son.

“Most of all I just want to be happy, and that’s probably the hardest thing.”

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