Jay Shetty on Finding Your Purpose in a Chaotic World

At BoF VOICES 2021, Jay Shetty spoke about how his experiences as a monk taught him not only how to find purpose, but how to live with it.

The word “purpose,” says Shetty, has become such a buzzword it can feel intangible, with its actual meaning difficult for many to define. But actually defining purpose is key to living with it and countering our human inclination to let what we believe other people think of us dictate daily choices. Shetty likes to think of purpose as an “eternal calling,” and offers a formula for finding it: purpose is passion plus expertise, plus service.

“When you use your passion in the service of others it becomes a purpose,” said Shetty. “People think purpose comes from an activity, or a particular occupation or a particular title, or industry that we work in. But purpose is so much more about how we feel about what we do.”

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