Careers Counsel | How to Answer 7 Common Pandemic Interview Questions

How to Answer 7 Common Pandemic Interview Questions (Huffington Post)

Don’t be nervous about saying you’re looking for a role that offers flexibility. You are by no means alone. Be clear about what has worked best for you in the past and why; the way that we work has changed forever since the pandemic, so it’s likely that potential employers will welcome this honesty and take it on board.

How to Manage a New Job and Workplace (Financial Times)

Recognising the opportunity for new possibilities and personal development in times of uncertainty can motivate individuals to face change. Seeking help, finding the courage to experiment and allowing for failures are crucial.

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Accepting a Role at a Lower Salary (The Cut)

A slightly lower salary is a worthy trade-off for a company culture that supports you [as apposed to one that doesn’t]. Focus on what roles this job is setting you up for, what skills it will provide you, and most important, what you actually enjoy about it.

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