Careers Counsel | How to Combat Career Uncertainty

How to Combat Career Uncertainty (Harvard Business Review)

Identify areas where you want to develop. In much the way that researchers conduct foundational or exploratory research to uncover new problems, defining your future in terms of skills rather than jobs will widen your aperture.

4 Leadership Tips for Managers in 2022 (Inc.)

When giving an evaluation or performance review, be concise and constructive. You want the [receiver] to think about possible solutions for the challenges you have raised.

How to Decline a Job Interview (Business Insider)

Aim to respond within a few days, so it looks like you’ve given this careful thought and consideration. Start with gratitude [and] thank them for thinking of you. […] [Perhaps] suggest someone else, [it] will leave them — and the person you refer — with a positive impression of you.

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