Marine Serre in Conversation With Tim Blanks

Designer Marine Serre has long had an affinity for the evoking the apocalyptic in her work — that tendency has never been more resonant than in the Covid-19 era. In the latest BoF Live, Serre joined BoF’s editor-at-large Tim Blanks to discuss the evolution of her eponymous sustainability-focused brand for the post-pandemic world. Blanks says. Known for her use of discarded and recycled fabrics, Serre says she has grown less shy about doing exactly what she wants to do in fashion: revising peoples’ ideas of preciousness and creating garments out of materials already imbued with meaning.

“We are born in this time with lots of problems,” said Serre. “But with techniques and process, let’s try to transform what is there, and dead actually, and make something new with that,”

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