Max Bittner on the Rise — And Rise — Of Fashion Resale

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Vestiaire Collective is one of the leaders in the fast-growing fashion resale segment. Earlier this year, in its latest round of funding, the luxury resale platform achieved a valuation of $1.7 billion.

Max Bittner, Vestiaire Collective’s chief executive, attributes this success to a number of factors, including ease of transactions, pandemic-driven closet clean-outs and shifting consumer values. But he also acknowledges the challenges that lie ahead as Vestiaire Collective scales, particularly when it comes to verifying the authenticity of products in the face of ever-more sophisticated counterfeits.

Bittner’s insights are featured in the fifth episode of The BoF Show, now streaming on Bloomberg Quicktake.

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Here, we share the full interview with Bittner, exclusively on The BoF Podcast.

Watch the fifth episode of The BoF Show, “Resale: Inside the $130 Billion Secondhand Fashion Market”

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