Maria Raga on Why Community Is Central to Depop’s Success

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In June 2021, online marketplace Etsy announced plans to acquire Depop for $1.6 billion. The move was yet another sign of growing interest in the burgeoning fashion resale market, which according to BoF Insights, is now worth $130 billion globally.

Chief executive Maria Raga describes Depop as “combining elements from Instagram and eBay.” The platform is skewed towards lower-priced product exchange between younger traders, almost all of them 26 and under. Raga believes that it’s Depop’s community aspect — facilitating not just online transactions, but also person to person interactions — that attracts these all-important Gen-Z shoppers.

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Raga’s insights are featured in the fifth episode of The BoF Show, now streaming on Bloomberg Quicktake.

Here, we share the full interview, exclusively on The BoF Podcast.

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