Cracking the Last Mile Opportunity

This #BoFLIVE event was based on the ‘Fashion’s Last Mile Opportunity’ case study. Click here to read our full analysis.

One of the biggest challenges retailers face today is transporting product from a distribution centre or store to its final destination — also known as last mile delivery. While initially, it may seem a simple task, to complete it, there are several factors retailers must contend with, including product storage and shipping (whether it be in units or shipping directly from factories), package tracking services and more.

The stakes — and consumer expectations — are high, thanks to e-commerce behemoths like Alibaba and Amazon that have set the standard for last mile with their massive logistics operations equipped with sophisticated technology that allows for both cost cutting and fast delivery.

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“You could lose customers with every misstep,” said BoF correspondent Cathaleen Chen.

In the latest #BoFLIVE event, Chen and BoF’s deputy editor Brian Baskin unpack Chen’s case study, Fashion’s Last Mile Opportunity with Liam Young, founder and chief executive of Harper Concierge, a luxury last mile service provider, and Laura Behrens Wu, founder of Shippo, a shipping software for e-commerce businesses.

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