The Pitfalls of Marketing Your Fashion Brand as ‘Sustainable’

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Sustainability has become fashion’s favourite buzzword. But as more and more brands tout eco-conscious collections and socially responsible supply chains, consumers are becoming more critical and their expectations are growing. Brands talking about sustainability can be powerful, but they must also be careful to avoid accusations of greenwashing.

In the latest #BoFLive, London editor Sarah Kent speaks with senior correspondent Chantal Fernandez, Maxine Bédat, founder and director of sustainability think tank New Standard Institute, and writer, stylist and consultant Aja Barber about the importance of honest and transparent communication when talking about sustainable business practices.

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Ultimately though, fashion can’t market its way to more sustainable operations. “We have to have that deeper conversation as a society and culture and ask what are businesses for?” said Bédat. “What purpose do they serve and where do we want to go as a society and what values do we want to hold?”

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