The Future of Fashion Education

In 2020, students and schools across the world had to adapt to virtual learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. For fashion education, typically a very physical experience, the transition was particularly daunting. With no access to their studios, students had to change their processes, instead working in their bedrooms and kitchens. Though adjustments came with challenges, students often found that the limitations actually pushed them to be more innovative in their designs, said Central Saint Martins’ MA Fashion Course Director, Fabio Piras.

“It became even more personal in a way, it became even less intimidating in parts. And the physicality of making, then, had to be redefined. It brought opportunities, it brought other ways of dealing with creativity, with a creative point of view, and with ways of making,” said Piras.

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After a paradigm-shifting year, how people work, learn, and create across industries is undergoing a reevaluation. BoF’s Imran Amed sat down with Piras, and three of his students, Adam (Alaoui) Elyassé, Chaney Manshu Diao, Ranura Edirisinghe to discuss the future of fashion education.

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