What Makes the Perfect Influencer Collaboration?

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Influencer collaborations have become an effective, financially-efficient tool for brands to connect with new and established audiences. Product collaborations offer influencers and brands a way to create deeper, long-term relationships with one another, with benefits seen through referred traffic and affiliate revenue.

In the latest #BoFLive, senior correspondent Lauren Sherman speaks with Caroline Wright Turnipseed, founder of CWT Consulting Group, Raissa Gerona, chief brand officer of Revolve, content creator Venita Aspen and Alexandra Mondalek, BoF senior editorial associate, about what it takes to build a successful influencer-brand product relationship.

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Collaborations require time and consistency to build relationships that will meet the needs of the influencer, the brand and their customers. This requires data sharing and consistent dialogue between the two parties to create the best outcome. “It’s very important for [brands] to share data with [influencers] to let them know this is what is moving really well [and] this is what we see is trending,” said Gerona. “Truly collaborating from that perspective, data [gives a] sense of what their customers are looking for and what our customers are looking for and trying to mesh that together.”

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